Into the depths of despair
I sink
Free falling into an abyss of nothingness
My woes desert me
And the chains that bind me fall away
What’s left are the scars of my imprisonment
And the darkness
Always the darkness
Its’ shadow hovers like a dream lover
Constant, but hollow
Leaving me unfulfilled and lonely
Embracing the numbness that washes over my pains
I’m surrounded in bliss
That calls me home

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Never far, the home of my heart

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I don’t care whether I’m remembered
When my eyes close, I won’t know
I live the best life I can, NOW
Every moment is my memory
I create and you enhance
The laughter
That knowing look that speaks to me
Of our years, our love
It’s been tested
It’s been true
It’s been long and not enough
It’s given birth to this moment
A moment of gratitude
These moments pass and the memories get better with reflection
This path that got me here
And the people who’ve passed through my thoughts
Who’ve touched my life
Are many and a few
And along the way I remember
What I’ve taken and what was given
And I know
I am blessed

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Weeding through a quagmire of deception 
Is time consuming 
Mind boggling 
And if I can’t trust
You’re not worth my time

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He loved with his whole being
Gave every drop
Of his life’s blood
But it wasn’t enough
To fill her void
Appease her need
She drained him with her greed

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We Were Once…

We were once


Blind by youth

Seduced by dreams

A memory of bliss

We chase to recapture

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That me
That loved you
No longer exists…

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I remember
The stillness
The expressionless faces
Walking in a daze
I remember
The shoes on the sidewalk
Their ashen faces
I remember
But can’t remember
I remember
The cars radio blasting
Waiting for news
The cloud of smoke
I remember
The magnitude
Of the horror
Still unable to comprehend
I remember
The emptiness of thought
The shock hasn’t
Worn off yet

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I’m trying so hard to remember and I find it’s getting harder to keep my memories.
We were so young then. We didn’t have technology to capture moments. We barely have any pictures of our youth, we were poor. I can’t remember celebrating anyone’s birthday when we were growing up. There were so many of us, but no parties. And you know, it didn’t matter. We were happy.
We had such freedom (even with strict parents), nothing but our imagination could stop us. We didn’t let our limitations stop us, we had all that matters. We had food, a roof over our heads, friends, family and each other. We had time…
Life wasn’t rushed then, it was savored. We ate meals together. We had time to talk, really talk. We’d make plans for the day and go our separate way and somehow we’d always wind up together, hanging out. It is that rareness, our bond unique, (as if, split from the same egg) I miss so much. I really miss you!
And now time is trying to steal you…from me.

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A stark winter of death awaits patiently
The thinning of life looming in the frigid air
It’s nakedness bares fragility for those who choose to see it
The baron cold is silent in its serenity
A blanket of frost glistens marring the picturesque beauty with tears
Buried in the purity of snow
Death, a harsh brutality
In an unwavering cycle
As it’s final hours of the season approaches, darkness gives way to the warmth of light
A ray of hope brings
Renewal and forgiveness

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