I weep

For the lost

The forgotten

The unloved

My soul searches

For the numbness

Of ignorance

I’m tortured

With images

That haunt

My conscience

Terrify my dreams

And wake me

To relive again

The pain

Is unimaginable



In tears


Pools of grief

For all that could’ve been

It shakes my beliefs

My foundation


If only

Someone cared


To hear your cries

That were silenced

And died

With hope

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In the end
Our words become weapons
Collateral damage
That hurts more than we’ve loved

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If I could
I’d gather the broken pieces
And weep them together
If I could
I’d master the skill
To mend the ache
Weaving a tapestry
Colorful as life
If I could
Magically replace the tears
And grant your wishes to life
If I could
I would move the mountains
Of your past
And create fields of splendor
To cushion your steps
If I could
I would breathe
Myself into you

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Just when my need for you has receded
To a bearable tolerance
You reappear
The past
My heart
And a new game begins
As I pick apart
Sort through
That cross a face
I thought to never see again
But in dreams
Trust is the one thing
I don’t have
You were a world away
On an island with a shadow
Of me
That darkness
And love
I shed
On those shores
With the tide
To resuscitate
That me
That loved you
She no longer exists

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I learnt my steps
Before I could speak
They were shaky
Stumbling more often than not
But eager still
I tried
I fell
I tried again
Even when I thought I grasped it
I knew
I still had much to learn
Before stability
Would lead to more challenges
To skip
To jump
To run
Scraped knees
Teared stained cheeks
And many more difficult things await
Things I had to learn
About people
Intricacies of friendship
And fights
In a playground
Without rules

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I’ve danced with the devil
Felt the burn of the fire
And reveled in its’ pain
It’s exhilarating to feel
So torture me with your worst
And I’ll give my best
I accept the challenge
Face the thrill
Of dancing in the ring of fire
To feel the fuel of the flames
Of life
Touch me
Without getting burnt

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Timeless moment

I want to obliterate the past
Drown myself in this moment
The perfection of the stillness you bring
Not a word
Not a sound
But an understanding
Of souls
That encompasses
Enprisons us
And time ceases to exist
For a blink of an eye
It lasts
An eternity

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Since the beginning of time
Stories are recorded
Wars waged
Hearts broken
Have you tasted it
With your eyes
On your lips
It’s bittersweet fragrance
Captures your attention
It’s addictive
You can’t get enough
Your consumed with greed
Drives you wild with need
It colors your vision
With fantasies
Drifting in a cloudy haze
Lost in pleasurable extremes
It’s touch burns your mind
Your lost in physical pain
It’s power can heal
Fight when all hope is lost
It will
Drown you with passion
Torture you with lonely nights
Fill your mind with jealous rage
Will you give in to its hunger
Can you take the pleasure
Endure the madness
It’s power can destroy
Fill an empty void
How far will you go
Are you willing to die
Over and over
To feel alive

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Dear Jane Letter

Dear Jane,

I don’t know when it started. We were growing apart. Actually I was growing apart, getting tired of our friendship and slowly pushing you away. Looking more closely, I see the changes were in me. They were always there. So, the question is “Why did I allow this to go on for so long”? I must have hurt you. I’m sorry, truly sorry. I regret just walking away without an explanation. Avoiding your calls. I just didn’t know how to breakup. How do you tell a friend, I don’t want to be friends anymore?
It’s just our friendship stagnated, I lost interest in keeping it going. My interests changed, so did my views and opinions. But you never did and that bothered me. You called daily. Did you ever notice, I rarely called? As I matured I became more honest with myself and others. Just with you, I didn’t know how to. So, I had less to say, was preoccupied or too tired to chat. Excuses. I just couldn’t keep the conversation flowing anymore. It was too one sided. You didn’t have much to say and I didn’t have anymore of anything to offer.
Re-reading this letter I’m debating whether to send it, now believing some things are better left unsaid.

Unsigned and undelivered

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Buried In Memories

I stand at her door
Looking in
Nothing in her room changed
Everything in its place
Lived in
On the vanity her hair brush sits
Waiting to be used
Her bedcover colorful
Neatly covering her bed
Her scent on the pillow
The bathroom door is open
I can smell her femininity
The clean smell of soap and shampoo
I know walking in there
I’ll find the same
Her presence
I close my eyes
And a myriad of images assault
Her smile
Full of stories
The sparkle in her eyes
Twinkling intentions
Her body a temple
I worship
Her love of life
Of me
Shakes me to the core
As the truth hits
And my world crashes
Wrapping me in
A shovel of dirt
Slams into me
Covers me
And I taste
A grave of memories
I’m buried in

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