Behind the Veil

Behind the veil I see
The way you look at me
I have beauty, I have flaws
But to flaunt them is against my laws
I have brains and ideas too
I can’t speak them aloud for fear of offending you
You hate an image, blinded by propaganda
My culture is strict and has an agenda
To keep us silent and meek
Don’t hate me for what I wear
You don’t know about my fear
I hide my face behind this lie
I look at you and slowly die
You have a choice and
will never have a voice




About Lulu

I take pleasure in the simplest of things. But most of all I enjoy the stillness, there is so much I feel in it.
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2 Responses to Behind the Veil

  1. reocochran says:

    I am a big believer in ‘voices’ that we all need to be allowed to be free to express ourselves! I am so glad you wrote this, it also makes me think of those poor children, the girls kidnapped by the monsters in Nigeria. Powerful poem with so much to say! Thanks for this one! Smiles, Robin


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