A River


Like a river flow
Coming at me with force
To face
All I’ve repressed
All the regret
Coming at me like a river
I’m drowning
In sorrow
Can’t breathe from the past
The pain
Drags me back
Locked heart
Long corridors
Leading back to your door
No key
To lock that door
Feelings suppressed
Too long
Hurt flows
Going down
Deep the pain
Of this dead heart
Lashes, cuts and slashes
Through this frozen
Shell of me





About Lulu

I take pleasure in the simplest of things. But most of all I enjoy the stillness, there is so much I feel in it.
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14 Responses to A River

  1. Very powerful and dark


  2. awomansaved says:

    Powerful Sis, very powerful!


  3. Powerful indeed! Strong words with heavy emotions…Wow Love it.


  4. nishipal says:

    Wow Lulu…seriously water has this effect on you! Reading it I could feel the pain of the poet…very moving! brava! How did I miss this!!!!


    • Lulu says:

      I love the water, looking at the ocean is calming and soothing. I’m braver in a pool, it’s controlled (unlike the ocean).


      • nishipal says:

        I’m a cancerian and love the water too..the ocean does seem overwhelming and at times intimidating…loving the writing it’s inspiring in you Lulu!


      • Lulu says:

        I’m a Sagittarius, I shoot for the stars. My head is always in the clouds except when I’m working…haha Glad you enjoyed 😀


  5. Reblogged this on Kiss Me Violet and commented:
    A powerful poem, I just have to share!


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