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Restless I wake to a quiet world My mind is clear I am at peace All senses alive Raw and open No thoughts, no worries Listening to the stillness Simple pleasures I am content

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A piercing scream Distinctive Shattering your heart It stops you in your tracks It comes again Anguished You know the sound The pain It’s physical It’s mental It’s all consuming You can’t breathe You can’t think Rooted where you stand … Continue reading

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In the stillness My thoughts race free Breaking the silence Can you hear me Creative thoughts Not spoken out loud Weaving through memories I don’t hear a sound Consumed by images Of present and past My tangled thoughts Converging fast … Continue reading

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Tidal Wave

You’re a force Crashing over me A tidal wave Washing over me Cleansing Renewing me

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Forever And A Day

Today we met But, I knew you From my dreams and fantasies I’ve waited And have loved you Forever and a day

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Sound of Love

The sound of love Is quiet In a smile Strong in An embrace Rapture In a look Words Not enough

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It’s roots will ground you as it grows

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Half asleep, locked away Living only day to day No hopes and no dreams Nothing is as it seems I know you have parted Gone, left me broken hearted You float through my mind Always searching, but can’t find They … Continue reading

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Weeping Well

  The well is deep from where I draw my tears to weep these never ending cries Is the bond that ties the ones I love without goodbyes

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First Kiss

A sound Stirs A memory That opens A floodgate Of emotions A time Of innocence A first Kiss A step Into youth A change In personality A dawn Of attraction A mutual Desire A longing To belong A need To … Continue reading

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