Dear Mary Letter (friendship breakup)

Dear Mary,

I don’t know when it started but, we were growing apart. Actually I was growing apart, getting tired of our friendship and slowly pushing you away. Looking back, I see the changes were in me. They were always there. So, the question is “Why did I allow this to go on for so long”? I must have hurt you. I’m sorry, truly sorry. I regret just walking away without an explanation. Avoiding your calls. I just didn’t know how to breakup. How do you tell a friend, I don’t want to be friends anymore?
It’s just our friendship stagnated, I lost interest in keeping it going. My interests changed, so did my views and opinions. But you never did and that bothered me. You called daily. Did you ever notice, I rarely called? As I matured I became more honest with myself and others. Just with you, I didn’t know how to. So, I had less to say, was preoccupied or too tired to chat. Excuses. I just couldn’t keep the conversation flowing anymore. It was too one sided. You didn’t have much to say and I didn’t care anymore to have anything to say.
Re-reading this letter I’m debating whether to send it, now believing some things are better left unsaid.

Unsaid and unsigned


About Lulu

I take pleasure in the simplest of things. But most of all I enjoy the stillness, there is so much I feel in it.
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7 Responses to Dear Mary Letter (friendship breakup)

  1. mihrank says:

    Lulu = this is deeply emotional letter to better friendship. You have admitted in the past and moving forward to resolve the friendship matter. Bravo! You both need to meet for a glass of wine and open a fresh page!


  2. Paislee Blu says:

    I can relate to this. I feel like I hallucinated a 40-yr on and off friendship–so I finally quit calling, or taking her calls, knowing full well she’d never ask for an explanation, or drive the 15 min to see if I’m still alive. The silence has now endured for over 2 yrs.


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