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Change (Happy Mother’s Day) I wake to the quietOf an empty houseIt’s been that way since they leftOne by oneTo follow their dreamsMaking mistakesTaking chancesAnd heartbreaksOff to spread their wingsFar from homeTo seek adventuresExperience new thingsIt wasn’t easy to let … Continue reading

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🥳 Happy New Year 🥳 Enjoy the moments

I’ve sailed the seas Seen nature in all it’s glory Watched it’s fury unleashed And then still as a whisper I’ve watched the sky In shades of blue Changing hues To heat the eyes in colors vivid The beauty of … Continue reading

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How do you sum up a lifeThat’s no longer hereThe mother who loved you while you were growing in her wombThe quiet woman who knew what you needed before you askedThe slight nodThe sweet smileThe soft touchAll spoke volumes of … Continue reading

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As the sun dims Hope and gloom collide In the approaching shadows of night With uncertainty all around It’s a daily struggle to survive As I take to bed my fears And silently release the tears I Pray for strength … Continue reading

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I am mother of The heavens The planets And the earth I hold precious  All which I’ve pained to birth The most precious of mine I give life Blood in their veins  Leaves and fruits on vines The sun, moon  … Continue reading

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Treasure Chest

I collect memories Reliving the emotions That have been stored away The warmth of my mothers love that seeps into my pores blanketing me with comfort Smell the sharp cologne of my father that tingles the senses of awareness Taste … Continue reading

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